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Family Members

  • Emilio Benedetto: Alex's younger brother. During their childhood, their mother was killed by an unknown person, leaving their father to raise them alone. Alex is the only person he trusts.


  • Worick Arcangelo: Alex and Worick are on good terms and the two appear to be closer than she and Nicolas. Despite Worick's lackadaisical and flirtatious nature towards her, Alex knows that he is simply teasing her. Just as she is comforting and kind towards Worick, the man cares about Alex and the two appear as good friends.
  • Nicolas Brown: Alex's relationship with Nicolas is quite different from her relationship with Worick. Nicolas is the one to suggest killing her first before killing Barry; regardless of this, Alex harbors no animosity towards him. Nicolas is typically aloof and brash toward Alex's attempts at communicating with him, though he eventually shows a more concerned side of himself to her and the two slowly develop a bond of trust. It's evident that Alex respects and admires Nicolas.

Cristiano Family

  • Loretta Cristiano Amodio: Alex and Loretta have a good relationship, as shown when Alex saves her from being killed by Erica with no regard to her own safety. At one point, Loretta asks Alex to work as a singer for Bastard. Like many of the women in the series, Loretta is jealous of Alex's large bust size.

Former Boss

  • Barry Abbott: Barry and Alex have known each other since her teenage years. In the beginning of the series, Alex is shown to have been working as Barry's prostitute, which eventually results in her meeting the Benriya duo. Barry abuses her constantly before he is killed by the Benriya, and in turn, Alex despises him. It is later revealed that Barry had been forcing Alex to take tuberculosis pills in order to make her more submissive; she suffers from side-effects, including memory loss and hallucinations, and takes medication for them.