The Benriya (or The Handymen in English) are an independent group consisting of Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown (and recently Alex Benedetto) who are hireable for almost any job required. They are located in Ergastulum's 8th district.


Benriya was created by Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown as a shared business at some point after Worick departed the brothel "Pussy" and Nic left employment with the Monroe Family. Benriya eventually became a successful enough business that neither of its members needed outside employment.


Daniel Monroe calls Benriya the "second neutral power" of Ergastulum, ranked only behind the Ergastulum Police.[1] They accept jobs from all factions without appearing to take a side, though they are not shown dealing with the Corsica Family. This may also be because the Corsica Family avoids dealings with Twilights as a matter of course and would be unlikely to contract with them. Benriya performs a wide variety of services including bodyguarding, cleanup, repairs, delivery, money-collection, finding lost people or pets, errands and pimping.[2]

Though technically neutral and unaffiliated to any family, Worick says he won't allow anything to happen to the Monroe Family, who took care of Nic and himself when they were younger.[3]

Known Members

Former Members


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