Froggyvet13 Froggyvet13 23 June 2021

They why people bully is totally mewn

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Massimo Volpe Massimo Volpe 24 April 2020

Anyone heard of any news about Chapter 57 yet?

I know Kohsuke's been dealing with her health issues for a while now, but I haven't been really keeping up with the news. Anyone know much about it?

Also, how's everyone doing? 

- MV

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Metamorphosis77 Metamorphosis77 21 April 2018

Intro: Cliche

Good day fello humans who habitate on this very planet, Earth.

Nice to meet you all (whoever sees this article). Hope we can cooperate together and become friends. Also where do you guys read manga? mention your site links in the comments cause im very desperate. Yeah, on this page I`ll be posting Ships, Nicolas, Worik and other edits. If you want me add something more feel free to hit me up. I am no monster (atleast i guess).


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Hongqilim Hongqilim 13 August 2015

English Dub Cast Released

Hello Everyone! In case people don't know, Funimation, the distributor, has release their list of voice actors for the English version of Gangsta anime. The list currently is:

  • Ian Sinclair as Worick Arcangelo
  • Brandon Potter as Nicolas Brown
  • Felecia Angelle as Alex Benedetto
  • John Swasey as Chad Adkins
  • Aaron Roberts as Cody Balfour

In addition, The dub will premiere on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. as part of Funimation's DubbleTalk block.

The series premiered on July 1 in Japan and Funimation is streaming the series with English subtitles as it airs.

Kohske's original Gangsta. manga revolves around Nick (played by Kenjiro Tsuda) and Worick (Junichi Suwabe), two men who take on jobs from both the mafia and the police in the town of Ergastulum, a rotten tow…

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EmperorLeon EmperorLeon 13 August 2015


I sent a request to Wikia to have my username changed.

Rest In Peace, Mr. CertainlyNot1218. Or CN. Or Cert.

But you get the point. 

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Deadlytoast1695 Deadlytoast1695 20 July 2015

A Short Message

So it's been awhile since I've been on this site (about a year I think). Although I've stopped helping update this site a long while ago, I've still quietly followed its growth. I first started this wiki when the manga was just around 10 chapters. Back then, there were only a few people that worked on this, since it wasn't as well known. Never would I have expected this to get so popular, let alone get its own anime. Sadly for me, reality caught up and responsibilities started piling on, so I quietly faded into the background. Maybe I'll come back one day, who knows, but I give credit where credit is due. The state of this site now is due to the hard work of Demotivator, as well as many others, I'm sure. If I could give this empty title of…

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Roguebloodangel Roguebloodangel 2 July 2015

Edit Tales

After I figure out what happened to the VisualEditor, I will start editing more pages. 

First on my priority list is the chapters page. idk who messed with it, but it looks so appalling now. Sure it didn't look great before, but now it looks worse. The white BG clashes too much with the overall dark look.

I'm gonna start adding things about GANGSTA: CURSED like characters and information !! 

Anime page should have been started a while ago but we never got to it so I need to get it up ASAP CUZ HOLY FUDGE THE ANIME IS OUT AND I LOVE IT!!♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ it's beautiful. ahem. We will prolly start getting more fans onto the wikia so we gotta snap to it :D 

All for now BLAH no one will read this but it's a rant while I wait I guess???? (I'm still super hype…

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