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GANGSTA:CURSED.: Chapter 01: The Second Destroyers head to Ergastulum to fulfill their mission of exterminating the Twilights. Some of them visibly enjoy themselves. The Hunters were taught that Twilights are an plague, a threat to humans because of their abnormal physical abilities, and should be killed. 

Spas doesn’t like that Striker treats their mission as something during which he can play around. Beretta, whom Striker has a soft spot for, manages to prevent a fight. Maverick, assures Spas that there’s no need to worry about the other two and that they know what they are supposed to do. But Maverick will be relying on Spas too. Behind Maverick’s kind manner lies another face - one that treats Twilights like scum.

At the same time, Daniel Monroe is being briefed about the current situation. Danny considers the idea of the Hunters having come to Ergastulum and wonders whether there is going to be a repeat [of something]. Ergastulum has always been stained with blood.

Spas encounters a pair of Twilights that are being protected by a normal human. He wants to know what relation they have to the normal, but is confused when he finds out that the Twilights are family to the Normal. This contradicts what he has been taught - that Twilights are monsters and all humans hate Twilights. But before he is injured, Maverick kills the Normal. She tells Spas that it’s unusual for him to let a Normal attack him and wants him to only think of the mission. 

Beretta reports back to Maverick, telling her that she has lost sight of Striker. Maverick wonders if these Twilights belong to a mercenary guild. Spas is convinced that Twilights are monsters and that they, the Hunters, are in the right.


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