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GANGSTA:CURSED.: Chapter 02: Galahad talks to a comrade from the guild and tells them to send any Twilights over to “Bastard”. He informs the Cristiano Family’s head, Luca, about the Destroyers’ current location. Luca decides to head out together with Galahad to help guide the Twilights to safety.

Galahad tries to talk him out of it; as one of the Big Fathers and a Normal, he shouldn’t go out there - especially if it’s just to help people such as them (Twilights). Luca refuses; Galahad is his comrade and Luca isn’t the type to just walk away when a friend is in need.

The Destroyers, minus Striker, have made short work out of the guild members they’ve encountered. While Beretta goes to look for Striker, the other three are engaged in another fight with Twilights from the guild. Two of them take on Spas, while two other guild members team up to fight Maverick and another one attacks Minimi.

Eventually, Spas is cornered and the female guild member wants to know who hired them and how many there are of them. Spas doesn’t listen - instead, he reminds himself again that Twilights are monsters and that they need to be killed. He tells them to stop acting like humans, which enrages the girl. She tells him that she hates humans and hunters because they judge Twilights without knowing anything about them. Before she can stab him, Striker intervenes, saving Spas’ life.


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