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GANGSTA:CURSED.: Chapter 03: Young Delico, Yang and Erica are enjoying their free time outside while the adults discuss the current attacks in Ergastulum.

Striker and Beretta join Spas in fighting the guild members Eva and Chester. Spas injects a stimulant. Striker takes out Chester, angering Eva who threatens to kill them.

When Spas calls Twilights monsters that ought to be killed, Eva concludes that they’re just like the humans that killed her parents (Chester was the one who saved her), even though Eva and her family were merely trying to live normal lives. She accuses the hunters of being the monsters instead. Spas is confused and denies it, but Eva won’t stop. Before she is killed, she professes her love for her parents and Chester.

Meanwhile, Luca is busy helping the Twilights. He tells them to head over to Bastard where they’ll be safe, but they are suddenly attacked by Normals. Galahad saves them and informs Luca that members of the anti-Twilight faction are taking advantage of the chaos to riot themselves. He goes to meet other members of the guild, among them a young Hausen and Gawain, to ask them for backup. They encounter the bodies of Chester and Eva and Galahad gets asked to join them in finding the Hunters instead.

The guild member fighting Minimi realizes that Minimi isn’t just concentrating on their battle, but is purposely setting buildings with Twilights in them on fire. When the guild member asks him why he hates Twilights so much, Minimi replies that he neither resents them nor have they done anything terrible to him - but they bring in money.

Spas is still denying what Eva has accused them of, but seeing Striker and Beretta slaughtering Twilights makes him question what he has been taught. When Twilights are supposed to be monsters, why do they act like humans? Spas starts breaking down and begs Maverick to tell him what to do.

Maverick is still in the midst of engaging the other two guild members. She believes just killing Twilights isn’t enough; they need to suffer at the hands of the Hunters. She wants to show “Abel” even more of the Twilights’ way of dying. Bruno realizes that she doesn’t appear to be a brat at all. At the same time, Nicolas defends the Monroe estate while Luca finds several Twilight corpses and members of the anti-Twilight faction go on the offensive.

At a certain gun shop, a Twilight is offered a gun by the shopkeeper to keep himself and his family safe. The shopkeeper and his wife plan to go out to check on some others, and they tell their daughter, Connie, to hide on the 2nd floor. Connie doesn’t want her parents to leave her behind.


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