Celebrer[1] is a drug taken by Twilights in order to maintain bodily functions and stay alive.


Celebrer is a drug that was first created during the war to enhance strength, speed and agility.[2] Despite its potency, Celebrer is addictive and toxic in large or repeated doses. Originally when Celebrer was manufactured, it was not made with overdoses in mind and, if one deliberately overdosed, their state would be extremely unstable and it would be impossible for them to gain the same amount of power every time;[3] they would eventually end up an invalid.[3]


There are two kinds of Celebrer: Upper and Downer.

  • Upper acts as a stimulant, increasing the physical capabilities of the user tremendously at the cost of a reduced lifespan. When overdosed on Upper, users gain severely numbed pain receptors but also run the risk of incurring organ damage and a manic state.[4]
  • Downer is used as a depressant or tranquilliser, slowing the senses and movement. If taken after Upper it can help maintain the body's stability. When overdosed on Downer, it can cause loss of consciousness, risk of organ damage and fatigue.[4]

They are usually taken together to neutralize the effects of one another and their symptoms are generally only visible when taken alone.


Celebrer can be administered via three methods: pills, injections or bullets. Twilights require a controlled, continued amount of Celebrer in order to stay alive, as it maintains their vital functions and negates pain. Failure to regularly take Celebrer results in withdrawal symptoms, including dizzy spells, nausea, palpitations and migraines. More severe cases include haemorrhages, convulsions, hypothermia, hallucinations, laboured breathing and other irregularities in cardiopulmonary activity--after a certain amount of time, death occurs. Because Twilights must take Celebrer to control their withdrawal symptoms, it's assumed that if a Twilight has children, they will also be Twilights.


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