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Alex offers to cook for Worick and Nic after finding out that they're both incapable. Seeing her in the kitchen causes Worick to have a brief flashback to Veronica in the same position, calling him Wallace. The meal is interrupted by Inspector Chad calling with an emergency. On the way out the door, Nic signs to Alex that the food was "so-so".

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The chapter starts with the news report on the findings of several mutilated bodies at a warehouse. Alex then switches off the radio and sits down at the office desk, bored out of her head.

Worick arrives back at the office with a beautifully prepared meal with him. Alex asks where he got it from and he tells her he gets them from his work as a gigolo. He goes on to say that the prepared meals are a life-saver. Alex wonders what he means and Worick explains that he is in charge of meals because Nic is a nightmare in the kitchen. Worick then asks where Nic is and Alex assumes he is still downstairs. Worick then says he's going to start eating and asks if Alex wants to eat with him. Alex accepts but asks if they should call Nic first. Worick then explains that they don't usually eat together and then goes to buy drinks. As he is leaving, Alex pipes up and asks if she could make something for lunch.

Downstairs, Nic is doing stomach crunches when Alex comes downstairs and goes to the fridge. Briefly looking to see what they have inside, she sees the mess the kitchen is in and gets to work cleaning up.
Later Worick returns with the ingredients Alex asked for and as he goes downstairs he sees Veronica by the kitchen. When Alex asks if he is okay, he realises he was imagining things. As Alex is cooking, Worick 'samples' her food and she sends him upstairs.

Nic finishes showering and looks at the clean kitchen area as he is drying off. Meanwhile Worick ravenously chows down on Alex's cooking whilst Nic eats his downstairs. Suddenly Worick gets a call from Inspector Chad saying that an importanty emergency came up, requiring the Benriya's immediate attention. The two quickly leave and on their way out Nic signs to Alex telling her about her cooking. When he leaves Alex frantically checks the sign language book and finds out that he meant her cooking was "so-so".


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