Chapter #12

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
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Flashback chapter
The history of Worick and Nic as we see just how the two Benriya met.

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Worick's tutor teaches him the history of the drug "Celebrer" but he seems uninterested by it all while outside mercenaries arrive at the manor.

Worick is smoking outside when Commander Gaston Brown comes over and introduces Nic to him. He tells Worick that Nic would be his bodyguard and would be by his side at all times from then on. Later on Worick plans to drive away Nic, believing that the youngster was incapable of guarding him properly.

As Worick walks past the house maids he overhears them talking badly about him with Nic noticing his reaction. After his shift ends Nic returns to the mercenaries room where one of the other mercs asks him how his guard duty went. With the young Twilight unable to understand, the merc strikes Nic, leaving him bruised and bloody, and asks when they would be getting rid of him.

The next day Nic arrives to guard Worick, with the latter noticing the former's bruised eye. The scene shifts to Worick learning about the history of Twilights and Ergastulum. Noticing once more Nic's bruises, Worick has a flashback to his father beating him and he clutches his bruised arm.

Later, Worick tries to ask what Nic's name is but is seemingly ignored when Nic doesn't reply. Worick then irritatedly jerks Nic around and tries to discern why Nic wouldn't speak but Nic mutters that he was deaf, shocking Worick.
Worick sits underneath his be covers as the maids try to get him to leave his room but he instead contemplates things. Suddenly he gets a knock at his door and he throws something in his rage. He is left horrified when he realises he had hit Nic instead, drawing blood. As Worick tries to apologise, Nic simply returns him the book he dropped earlier. Worick, having been rendered temporarily speechless, then once more asks what Nic's name was.


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