Chapter #23


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Volume 5
Chapter 23
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The Destroyers mobilize to disrupt the balance of Ergastulum's four powers, Connie has a tearful reunion with Marco and the Monroe's come to terms with the recent news of Erica.

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Above the streets of Ergastulum, Emilio has a flashback of his sister as he dwells with the rest of the Destroyers.

In Dr. Theo's clinic, Nic hides behind Galahad from an irritated Dr. Theo. However the doctor eventually puts Nic down, somewhat unnerving Galahad and Marco in the process. Alex then curiously asks Nina if Dr. Theo was a Twilight considering how easily he pushed Nic around. Nina brushes off the claim and tells Alex that it was because Dr. Theo was the only doctor who sides with Twilights and was also the one who made Celebrer. Because the real thing is too expensive, many Twilights rely on him and comes to the clinic. Nina finishes that Nic was the same and really owed Dr. Theo.

Suddenly a clearly distressed Connie bursts into the clinic, then rushes over and leaps into Marco's arms with the two having a touching reunion. Later, Nina covers the sleeping Connie and Marco with a blanket while elsewhere in the clinic Dr. Theo asks if Connie was holding the ring hostage again. Galahad then says the ring is a curse not a hostage, saying it was a terrible curse to carry. Outside on the roof of the clinic as she is hanging up the laundry, Alex contemplates on whether she should remain ignorant to everything going on around her or not. Alex briefly makes eye contact with Nic, when Nina comes up and tells Nic off for not resting.

At the Monroe's mansion, the Monroe members discuss Erica's possible involvement in the Twilight murders. Worick confirms the culprit was indeed Erica and a down-looking Delico says he is surprised as he thought she was dead. Elsewhere Connie thanks Alex for protecting Loretta. She then tells Alex not to tell anyone and gives Alex a key. Alex asks what the key is for but Connie just says that the next battle would be much greater and if she wants to find her brother she can't stay with the Benriya forever.

In the Monroe's mansion, Daniel tells Ivan that it was time for him to make a firm decision. In the streets of Ergastulum Sig, Colt and Emilio mobilize to take out the Paulklee Guild, while Striker and Beretta go off to do their own thing.


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