Chapter #27

Chapter 27

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Volume 5
Chapter 27
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Striker storms the Monroe Family mansion, looking for the representative and Yang and Delico are attacked by someone who turns out to be useful in their search for Erica.

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Striker begins to rampage in the mansion's front yard as Worick tells Miles to escape and find Daniel, however Miles remembers Daniel's words from earlier and states that he'll stick to his boss' plans, telling Worick that an "outsider" has no reason to stay and help.

At Dr. Theo's clinic, Theo talks on the phone to Yang about the "Bastard" victims. After the call ends, Theo goes to the patient's rooms to switch with Nina and finds her sitting with her hands over her ears, clearly distressed by the suicidal words of the injured "Bastard" victims. Meanwhile, Yang and Delico continue to lucklessly search for any clues as to Erica's whereabouts. As the two discuss where else to search, a hooded person stares at Delico with frantic eyes.

Inside the Monroe mansion, Striker arrives at Diego's location, breaking through a metal door and continuing his rampage. From his mobile phone, Miles overhears the carnage when he suddenly hears a smash. As he turns, Worick explains that his and Daniel's cologne is the same and, because Hunters were like Twilights without the compensation, Striker's sense of smell would be fooled. Worick then banters with Miles as the two resolve to slow down Striker and buy more time for Daniel Monroe.
Striker then smells the cologne and quietly criticises Daniel before walking towards his office door. When he opens it, he is underwhelmingly surprised to find Miles sitting in the room instead of Daniel. Then, from behind him, Worick fires at him.

A child who mistakes Delico for Erica attempts to attack Delico, but the Delico easily disabled her. After clearing everything up, the child, Heather, informs the two that she had chased Erica until the 9th Street on the night of the "Bastard" massacre but her legs couldn't go any further and when she returned to "Bastard" her younger sister was already dead. Delico sees her anguish and tells her that he was going to stop her but he needed her help, which she agrees to.

Daniel overlooks the city of Ergastulum and Ivan asks him what was wrong. Daniel doesn't reply and Ivan tells him they should go as "that man" didn't like when people made him wait. Daniel agrees and they move off as we see Daniel's office in a mess.


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