Chapter #29


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Chapter 29
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The Paulklee Guild clean up the mess created from the recent attack and Galahad watches a recording that Doug left for him. Later, Loretta has a grateful reunion with Galahad whilst Beretta shows Striker something interesting at their base.

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The remaining Guild members, directed by Hausen, clean up the mess caused by the recent attack when Hausen sees Galahad arrive holding Doug's dead body. The rest of the Guild continue to dispose of the Twilight corpses while Lancelot begins telling Arthur about how weird it was that normals performed funerals for their dead. Hausen then interrupts his chatter and tells them to get back to work before Tris tells Hausen that he couldn't find Doug's tags, to which Hausen replies that Galahad probably had them.

In Doug's old room, Galahad sits quietly before ripping off the covering on Doug's tag and inserting it in a recorder. A recording plays showing Doug giving a goodbye message to Galahad detailing about how long he had left to live and what he would leave behind, with Nic as a witness. As it finishes, Galahad sits there.

Outside, Hausen explains what had occurred in the attack as well as the fact that they couldn't discern anything but the attacker's physical descriptions, to Nic. As he finishes, Galahad appears and tells them all that he was returning back to "Basatard" and he was making his contract holder wait.

When Nic walks past Loretta, who was waiting on the outskirts of Zero Street with Marco, she sees Galahad coming. Immediately rushing up and kicking him in the shin, dropping him, Loretta gives Galahad a warm hug that he reciprocates and he and Marco bump fists.

At the Destroyers' base, Beretta teases Striker for being unable to find Daniel Monroe and coming back empty-handed. She then tells him that she may have found something he'd enjoy before showing him Connie, who is tied up with her mouth taped.


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