Chapter #32


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The fight of Nic against Erica and Mikhail reaches a shocking conclusion and Worick becomes aware of Dr. Theo's underlying plans.

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Alex and Worick converse on the phone about the recent and current situation. Worick then asks if his partner is there and Alex replies that she thought he was with him. Worick then suddenly stops talking, much to Alex's worry, when he sees Dr. Theo walk into the Benriya office.

Elsewhere, Nic continues his fierce fight with Erica having previously incapacitated Mikhail. Nic begins to overwhelm Erica, leaving Delico and Yang in awe, but Mikhail suddenly recovers, much to the two's horror, and flies in to help Erica in taking down Nic.

Heather abruptly wakes up and irritatedly realises that she had been left alone, thinking that Delico and Yang never really cared for her missing sister. Looking down at the shoes that were bought for her and remembering their words regarding them, Heather frustratedly kicks them off and spites their efforts but, seeing the happy picture of Yang, Delico and Erica as kids, she remembers her own sister and falls down clutching Delico's jacket.

Back in the streets, the fight between Nic against Erica and Mikhail heats up and both Yang and Delico note how fast the three are all moving, so much so that even Delico's eyes could not keep up with them. Delico then muses about how Nic was able to go so far in order to be strong and wonders how he could be like that. Nic, while fighting, recalls Dr. Theo's words about the effects of the Upper he had taken but continues on regardless.

The scene shifts to the Benriya's office where Dr. Theo explains to Worick about the new drug he is experimenting with by using Nic as a 'guinea pig' in exchange for free visits. He briefly details the history of Celebrer and further explains his experimental plans. Worick says some questionable things and then calls Theo a "shitty doctor" before Dr. Theo retorts that he has no interest in those who will die.

Mikhail excitedly launches an attack but Nic flanks him from behind and lands a serious blow, sending the child flying and visibly concerning Erica. Delico, seeing Mikhail floored, pulls out a Downer injector and races towards the child while Mikhail realises that his tendons have been slashed. As Delico proceeds to inject Mikhail with Downer, Erica launches an attack aimed at cleaving him in two but Nic intervenes, slicing the top of her blade in the process, allowing Delico to successfully inject the child.
Suddenly a familiar voice tells Erica to step down and says it's a dilemma that Delico and Yang had found out so soon, shocking the latter two and Nic. Delico looks on in confusion and asks the Representative what he was doing here with the Representative only smiling in reply...


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