Chapter 35

Chpt 35

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Volume 7
Chapter 35
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Flashback chapter:
Connie tries to escape the Destroyers' base, but is tortured by Striker instead.

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Sig mercilessly beats up a resisting Connie until the latter slashes her across the thighs with a shard of glass. Sig just whales on her more and Beretta tells her to leave Connie alone since she was for her and Striker to enjoy. Sig irritatedly retorts but Beretta intimidates her. In annoyance Sig angrily leaves their base, startling Emilio who is standing outside, and tells Colt to come with her with the latter telling her to go see a doctor.

Emilio walks in and asks what's going on, only to see Striker violently pin Connie to the wall and brutally rip off her left ring finger as Beretta casually watches. Emilio shouts out while Striker muses that it was funny that Spas had found himself a normal for a woman. Connie replies that she doesn't know anyone called Spas and tells Striker that he was different from them all along before finishing that Marco was hers and she wasn't handing him over. Emilio watches with a grimace while Beretta watches with a lustful interest.

Striker starts laughing maniacally and asks her who she thinks she is whilst Connie, who tearfully remembers laying with Marco, tells Striker he wouldn't understand. Striker merely prepares to tear her arm off with a psychotic look on his face.


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