Chapter 36

Chpt 36

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Chapter 36
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Marco gets ready to face his demons whilst Worick starts connecting the dots together.

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In "Bastard" a news report detailing the recent events involving the Four Fathers blares out and a drunk normal exclaims that the problems wouldn't occur if they got rid of all the Twilights, making the surrounding atmosphere uneasy. Marco takes the bag containing Connie's and puts it on the desk, before encountering Loretta.

She tells him it was not an opponent he could defeat himself and orders that he wouldn't go. As Marco silently walks past her, Loretta once more tells him not to go. Marco stops and tries to reply but she immediately refuses; asking for Loretta to pardon him this once, she bluntly refuses his request again and muses what she would do if he wasn't there by her side. Loretta continues, but Marco interrupts her and says that he believes everything her father left behind was for her and the Cristiano Family before adding that he had no regrets and Loretta was his pride. Marco finishes by saying she could walk the road by herself, then says that he would need a break before leaving. Galahad walks over and Loretta hugs him tightly for comfort.

In Theo's clinic, Worick sits contemplatively whilst Theo notes that everything had calmed down. As he takes Nina to bed, Miles and Diego arrive. Miles and Theo discuss how each others' situations were and Theo informs him that Yang will be transferred to the police hospitals. Miles then wonders how Yang could've got hurt in such a way considering Erica's weapon was a blade but Worick butts in and tells them all that Delico shot Yang. Miles and Diego look at Worick in surprise but the latter explains that for Yang, a normal that excelled in close combat, to be shot so many times in the back, only Delico could have done it; he further theorises that Delico shot out of necessity to obey his master. Worick then accusingly asks Miles what he was hiding about Daniel Monroe.

In her shop, Granny Joel sits glumly but Marco drapes her shawl over her properly before leaving before Joel could turn around. Marco walks through the streets of Ergastulum, reliving the past events that he had gone through 15 years ago, from his time in the Destroyers to allying with the Cristianos. Arriving at Constance's gun shop, Marco gets ready for battle whilst he recalls visions of Maverick and Luca Cristiano telling him different things. Looking out, Marco leaps through the sky.


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