Corsica Family

The Corsica Family is one of the four main mafia families in the city of Ergastulum. The location of their headquarters is currently unknown.


The Corsica Family was one of the four main families that brought a period of stability to Ergastulum during the seventies.[1] They are well known for bearing a hatred towards Twilights,this strong hatred could possibly due to the fact that the Corsica Family would take in and shelter the victims of Twilight related Crimes,Many of the Corsica family, the women in particular ,who work in the Brothels run by Family, are deeply grateful and idolize Uranus Corsica due to him sheltering and protecting them from the Twilights of the City, after they presumably suffered severe abuse from them.It was later revealed that they have deep connection with the Hunters and their superiors, with them currently aiding the Third Destroyers by sheltering them and assisting them with their "Hunts" by presumably providing them information,shelter,medical aid, and whatever else aid they need, and it's been hinted they also assisted the Second Destroyers by smuggling them into Ergastulum,helping them infiltrate the city and later aided them by igniting large scale riots against the Twilight Faction,with some of their members even going on violent twilight hunts further throwing the city into chaos,thus allowing the Second Destroyers to move across the city without much difficulty and presumably assisting the final two members in escaping the city afterwards.


The Corsica Family smuggles weapons into the city and also runs the sex industry within the city.[2]

Known Members