Cristiano Family

The Cristiano Family is one of the four big mafia families in the city of Ergastulum. Their territory occupies the "02 Street" area in the middle-Southern part of Ergastulum, separated from the Paulklee Guild by an abandoned zone, and their headquarters is located in the brothel "Bastard".


The Cristiano Family was one of the four main families that brought a period of stability to Ergastulum during the seventies.[1] It later declined in power and then fell under the jurisdiction of the Monroe Family.


Within the city, the Cristiano Family's sole responsibility is distributing Celebrer to the Twilights.[2] However, due to a legal notice, they are legally forbidden from doing more than that.[3] To circumvent this the Cristiano Family hires the Benriya and other elite-level Twilights not directly controlled by the Family to perform tasks without causing them any problems.[4]

Known Members


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