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Dokutā teo
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Dark Brown
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Satoshi Mikami
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Doctor Theo (ドクターテオ, Dokutāteo?) is a local doctor in Ergastulum that runs his own clinic with the help of Nina.


Young theo

Theo as a young child

Dr. Theo is an aged looking man with dark brown hair, sharp eyes and a generally apathetic facial expression. He is always seen wearing a white doctor's coat over a shirt and trousers. Theo is missing his ring and pinky fingers on his left hand, with stumps remaining in their place. He has worn glasses since he was a child.


Generally calm and collected, Dr. Theo can become irritable or rather psychopathic if something happens to his clinic. He is defensive of Nina, who he has run numerous errands for him.


Not much is known about his family other than his mother used to own the store before he took over. His mother took care of Worick's left eye when they left the mansion.[1]

Dr. Theo is the man who is teaching Nina how to be a nurse. He usually treats Worick and Nic's wounds when they come by and he also gives Nicolas medication. He has apparently known the duo for a long time, having shown to have met them when all three men were still young children, possibly even right after Nicolas and Worick came to Ergastulum.


He is first shown being bothered by a group of thugs, one of which was a Twilight, and sent Nina out to get Nic for him. Though he wasn't bothered by the fight between the two, he was bothered once his precious clinic was damaged and even tried to "kill" Nic afterwards with one of the many needles he kept in his jacket.

He is the only doctor who supplies Twilights with Celebrer and surgically patch them up. This Celebrer is different from the official one, this is made by himself with different ingredients.

In recent chapters, he gave Nic an experimental version of Celebrer that was slightly stronger than normal.[1]


He's shown to be quite an adept fighter in his own right, not one to shy away from confrontations (especially if it entails the well being of his clinic). His arsenal is ironically aligned with his profession; syringes containing an unknown substance that he stores under his coat, which he use in an offensive albeit precise manner (often stabbing and injecting the syringe into an enemy's neck or other possible places).[2][3] Whether or not the substance contained in his syringe is lethal or not still remains a mystery as despite his profession aligning him towards saving lives, he's shown to be rather psychopathic against those who assault his clinic or Nina even in the slightest.


  • (To the thugs) "If you don't mind fighting a doctor, I'll be your opponent."[2][3]
  • (To Nicolas) "DIE! I'll eviscerate that three inch midget's body of yours and kill you!"[2][3]




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