Ergastulum (エルガストルム, Erugasutorumu?) is a city in an unknown country in which the series GANGSTA. takes place.[1]


Ergastulum was an isolation camp built in the wake of the War of Unification in 1913. It was originally intended as a quarantine for Cerebret users from the war, later known as Twilights. However, its housing infrastracture was insufficient for the growth of the Twilight population and the facility grew year after year until it eventually encompasses the surrounding area and developed into its own city.[2]

Twilights born outside of Ergastulum, or "Stray Twilights", are targeted by the government to be identified, tagged and relocated to Ergastulum.[2]

In 1926, prison overcrowding caused the government to open Ergastulum to criminals as well, regardless of whether they were Twilights or human. It also became a home for refugees from various countries. Because of this there is a high amount of racial and ethnic diversity in Ergastulum.[3]

The Paulklee Guild's foundation established by Adolf Paulklee in 1934 raised the social status of Twilights by organizing them into a mercenary guild for hire. The Twilight slavery was dismantled. A request and dispatch system was set up so Twilights could only be contracted to a client for the duration of a job. As a result, Twilights were able to regain their status in Ergastulum.[3]

Following a period of unrest, Ergastulum enjoyed relative stability during the early '70s due to an understanding between all four families (Corsica, Monroe, Cristiano, amd Paulklee). However, violence perpetrated by Normals against Twilights including the sexual assault of female Twilights which is followed by Twilight retaliation.[3]

This short-lived peace gave way to further Anti-Twilightss resistance in the '80s, beginning with protests at the four city gates and leading to Twilights hunts within the city. The government employed mercenaries alongside national troops to suppress the rebellion. The instability culminated in a notable incident in '89.


The layout of Ergastulum and important locations.
The layout of gates around the city.

Ergastulum is divided into ten districts with the government neutral zone occupying the heart of the city. The following districts are:

  • 00: Paulklee Colony
  • 01: Abandoned District]]
  • 02: Bastard Brothel & Christiano Family
  • 03: Orphanage & Monroe Family
  • 04: Corsica Family
  • 05: Pussy Brothel
  • 06: Factory Warehouse District
  • 07: Constance's Gun Shop, Theo's Clinic, & Smoke Shop
  • 08: The Handymen
  • 09: Central Police Station

Outside Ergastulum, however, is divided into four districts/gates, which hold units of varying specializations:

  • North Gate - Mercenary Troops
  • West - Mercenary Troops
  • South - Commando Units
  • East - Autonomous Forces

Forces allied with the government are stationed in each of the Gate Cities, keeping constant watch on Twilights. In times of emergency, designated mercenary troops or associated militia groups are called up and work with governmental armed forces to control the situation.

There are no physical walls separating Ergastulum from the outside world; however, the drug Celebret, which is essential to keeping Twilights alive, is not available outside the city so even if an individual were to escape, he or she would eventually either die from withdrawal complications or be caught and disposed of.


While Ergastulum is theoretically part of a larger country, the primary governing forces internally are the local mafia families and the guild. These organizations are:

The heads of these four organizations are considered the "Four Big Fathers" of Ergastulum.


  • An ergastulum was a Roman building used to chain dangerous slaves. It can also refer to any small Roman prison.
  • The currency Worick uses strongly resembles US dollar bills, which would potentially place Ergastulum in America. The fact that the characters are speaking and writing English corroborates to this.
  • Perrier mineral water exists in Ergastulum, which implies that France exists in this universe.


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