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Action, Drama, Crime, Ecchi[1]




  8 (37 chapters)

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Japan: Shinchosha
US and Canada: Viz Media

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Original run

2011 - Ongoing

GANGSTA. (ギャングスタ Gyangusuta?) is a crime and action manga written and illustrated by Kohske that has appeared in Monthly Comic Bunch magazine since its first issue as a monthly serial in 2010. It is known for it's action packed plot, unique characters and designs, and mature content.


Kohske's debut came in with a short manga titled "Postman" serialized in the Monthly Shōnen GanGan magazine. She began working on GANGSTA. in 2010. However, the first chapter was not published until early April 2011 under the title "GANGSTA". It was first serialized in Monthly Comic Bunch, a monthly magazine owned by Shinchosha. The series was an instant success since it's very first volumes.


GANGSTA. tells the story of two utility men-for-hire, Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown, a duo who go by the name of "Handyman". In the town of Ergastulum, Benriya take on any jobs that the residents have to offer them and on one particular job they encounter the prostitute Alex, who the Benriya later take on as their secretary.[2] As the story continues, Alex slowly recalls her past whilst finding out about the Benriya's and history looks to repeat itself as unrest grows between the four major powers in Ergastulum.


  • Rebecca Silverman, reviewing the first English volume for the Anime News Network, gave it an overall score of B+, giving the story a B+ grade and the art a grade of B. She was positive toward the characters and story, commenting that the author "makes some interesting choices with her characters", but felt the art was occasionally subpar, pointing out an image that was reused three times, and commented that the name of the city "sounds like some sort of stomach disorder".[3] Reviewing the second volume, she remarked on improvements in the author's art style and praised the development of Worick, but criticized Alex's reduced presence.[3] She was also positive toward the third volume, writing "Gangsta. is so gritty that you kind of feel like brushing off your skin after reading it, but it's that way with a purpose that is starting to become clear and it's going to feel like a really long wait for volume four".
  • Leroy Douresseaux, reviewing the first volume for Comic Book Bin stated that it reminds him of body-count VIZ Signature titles such as Black Lagoon, Dog: Bullets & Carnage, and Jormungand.[4] Also commenting on the characters that all the GANGSTA characters, even the “guest stars,” are good with Kohske sprinkling hints about the mysterious Nic throughout these early chapters which only tempts readers to return for more.[4]


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