Translation Corner

Welcome to the Translation Corner of GANGSTA. Wiki, where we supply the wiki with Japanese translations and accurate English names.


  • Providing the wiki with accurate translations.
  • Correcting suspected or corrupted translations around the wiki.
  • Decide names and what follows if there is no official confirmed source(s).


When making a new article that is definite to include Japanese text, it is preferred to leave the translations to the Translation Corner. Providing inaccurate translations is highly not recommended as it is misleading for the readers.

How do we translate?

None of the members as of yet is Japanese nor does either of them study, speak, or write Japanese. However, we do have reliable and certified Japanese translation websites we use to provide you with accurate translations that go through a complicated process of confirmation.

How do I join?

You want to join our team? Do you have reliable and certified translation websites, dictionaries or are eloquent in Japanese enough to speak and write it? Come apply for our team, your help is greatly appreciated.

To join the Translation Corner, all you have to do is contact one of the leaders at the top of the page, or an administrator of GANGSTA. Wiki.

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