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4th April, 2000[1]
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Abby (sister)
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Heather (ヘザー, Hezā?) is a young Twilight who seeked revenge on Erica for killing her younger sister. She is currently friends with Yang and Delico.


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Heather has hair in two pigtails and bangs brushed to the right side of her face. She has scars running up her left leg and two toes missing on her left foot. She usually wears a white cap, white jacket, Twilight tags and black dress with no shoes. Her black dress exposes her collarbones.


She is hotheaded and does not like relying on other people for help, specially normals. She is very emotional when talking about her younger sister as she believes she failed protecting her.


She had a little sister named Abby who was 6 years old. Abby was killed on the night of the "Bastard" massacre in volume 4, by Erica.


Destroyers Arc

Heather is first shown in an alley covered with a ragged cloth. When she sees Delico she is astonished, mistaking him for Erica, the one who killed her younger sister. She then attempts to kill him with a knife. Delico is able to block her attack and pins her down on the ground. Heather goes on a rant and curses Delico for allegedly killing Abby, unaware that Delico and Erica are not the same person. Yang and Delico are able to calm her down and start talking to her. Yang points out that Heather's legs are in a bad state and that it is surprising she was able to search for Erica with them. Heather explains that the night Bastard was attacked she was only able to chase after Erica to 9th street, where her legs finally gave out. When she came back her sister's body was already cold. She feels guilty that she wasn't able to protect Abby and starts crying.

At the pitiful sight, Delico tells her that he is trying to stop Erica from doing the same thing she did to Abby, and that he wanted Heather's help.[2] Heather accepts and shows them the way to where Erica might be located. She shows Yang and Delico a shortcut to 9th street through an alley up a set of stairs. Delico starts ascending and when he turns around to look at Heather to compliment her about her work, Heather gets a flashback of Erica and her legs collapse.

Yang offers his help but she rudely refuses saying " I don't need help from a normal...". Still Yang carries her on his arms without her permission. Heather gets incredibly pissed off about this and thrashes around on his arms. Yang shows concern about her weight and questions her eating habits and again she snaps "Sh-Shut up it's none of your business!".

When she finally calms down the two boys try to convince her that spending time with a normal is not that bad, and that the city may be more comfortable that way. Heather is shown thinking about the subject but Yang ruins the moment by pointing out her lack of underwear.

The moment they arrive at their destiny Erica and Mikhail pass through running through the rooftops.[3]

Erica Arc

Delico runs after them but fails to catch them. He and Heather sit down, she asks if they can actually capture Erica. Delico answers with a negative response. To this Heather starts losing her temper but he interrupts her and says that when the time comes he will kill her. Instantly after, Yang comes running with news about someone that have seen Erica before. She just wonders about the meaning of it.[4]

Heather eventually falls asleep. Yang and Delico left her behind for fear of her being hurt. The latter covers her up with his own coat and leave. In the middle of the night she wakes up and at the sight of Delico's coat, she tries to convince herself that the guys were traitors, and that they never cared about her, and only wanted her to show them the way. She remembers an event earlier that day, where they insist on buying her shoes because they are worried of her well being on the winter. She also remember Delico's kind words about her being their friend.

She found herself filled with anger and throws her new shoes to a pile of garbage and wishes the boys' death. She then found a picture of Delico, Yang, and Erica when kids and she is reminded of Abby. Heather falls to the ground crying because of her beloved sister's memory and grips at the coat.[4]

Later that night, Heather stumbles her way to Bastard with a bleeding nose, with the hope she'll find help there for Delico and Yang. She now worries for them and want to avoid them suffering the same fate as Abby. With her last bit of strength she runs to Bastard and bumps into Galahad and tells him the situation.[5]

Heather is present at Dr. Theo's Clinic when Yang and Nicolas are treated. When Galahad gives her a pair of blankets, she grabs him by the hand and thanks him though she seems really uncomfortable. When he offers his apologies for not saving Abby, she shakes her head in sign of forgiveness. She then runs away to where Delico is.

At the rooftop she covers asleep Delico with the blanket the same way he did with her and then covers herself in another blanket and fall asleep next to him. Yet she is a couple of feet away.[6]


Her legs are damaged, so her physique is not very good. She possesses a strong will.


  • (About Abby) “...She was six years old. I had to protect her... and yet!”


  • She dislikes normals which is presumably because of how normals usually treat Twilights.
  • Even though Heather acts like a tomboy most of the time, when she chose her shoes, she decided for a pair of girly flats with big flowers on the top.


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