Jill Raveau


Personal Details
Joel Raveau (mother)

Brigitte Raveau (wife)

Constance Raveau (daughter)
Professional Details
Former Constance gun shop owner
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Jill Raveau (ジル・ラボ, jiru rabo) was Constance's father and Joel's son.

Appearance Edit

Jill has a spiky light coloured hair do and defined eyebrows. Jill wears a black shirt.

Personality Edit

Jill is shown to be a compassionate man who would risk his own life to save others. This is shown when he attempted to rescue his Twilight friends even though he knew the Second Destroyers were out there.

Background Edit

Jill Raveau was the former owner of the Constance gun shop - which he and his wife ran.

Plot Edit

Jill and his wife leave a young Connie at home to set out to check on their Twilight family friends. They find them and slowly help them relocated to the Constance gun shop. Jill and his group pass a dark alleyway on their journey back home - they are oblivious that they have caught Maverick's, who had just finished off a group of twilights, attention. Jill is beheaded by Maverick - who drags his corpse all the way to the Constance gun shop when following Jill's wife.

Abilities Edit

Jill has not been seen in battle but it can be assumed that he is able to use a gun well.

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