Personal Details
Eye Color
Icy blue
Hair Color
Light blonde
Unnamed adopted father, unnamed adopted mother, Abel (adopted brother)
Professional Details
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Debut
CURSED: Chapter 01
GANGSTA: Chapter 36

Maverick (マーヴェリック, Māvu~Erikku?) was a Hunter during the same time Marco was and appears in the spin-off series, GANGSTA:CURSED.


Maverick is a young woman with light blonde hair that is straight until it reaches her jawline at which point it becomes slightly curly. She also has icy blue eyes. She wears a black dress with a white collar just below collarbone and wears a belt and matching black high heels. She has a standard Destroyers jacket that she wears open.


Maverick is seen to be like an older sister figure and leader to the Second Destroyers. However, during battles with Twilights, she showes a completely different psychopathic,sadistic,bloodthirsty and unhinged personality,constantly seeing/hallucinating her dead adoptive brother Abel and talking to him, expressing joy in showing "Him" the mangled corpses of Twilights and laughs gleefully at her slaughter, she also shown a strong commitment to the mission given to the destroyers seeing as how she immediately orderd Spas execution and coldly tried to kill him when he began to doubt the righteousness of their crusade, towards the end of their extermination mission of Twilights its been shown that her mental state began to degrade faster and faster seeing as how she began to slip even deeper into madness as she tried to convince Spas of how they were in the "right" and with his refusal to agree, becoming even more enraged and unhinged.


Maverick was an orphan who lived in an orphanage until she was adopted by a family at the age of seven. According to Maverick at first everything was going well until her foster parents started to abuse her under the pretense that it was discipline. The only one that was kind to her was her foster brother Abel,who treated her like a real little sister until he was apparently killed by several stray Twilights. This would later prove to be her motivation for joining the Second Destroyers and killing any twilight she could. She would later interview Minimi for his introduction into the Destroyers and receive a promise from Spas to fight by her side.



Maverick is first seen with the rest of the Destroyers when they enter Ergastulum and later seen executing a small twilight family. She then reunites with her group and tells Spas not to worry about Striker and Beretta before cleaning his cheek of blood and remembering his promise before sending him to kill a group of twilights and having Minimi kill a twilight that was cut in half. Later she meets up with Spas again and kills a normal that he wouldn't kill and reminding him to focus on the mission before sending him to kill the normals' twilight family as Beretta appears saying she got separated from Striker which Maverick sees as no concern aside that Beretta is supposed to be Strikers "Babysitter". They are then attacked by twilights from the Guild but Minimi blocks their bullets.

After killing the mercenaries Maverick allows Beretta to go looking for Striker. The remain Destroyers then go searching for more twilights but are quickly attacked Eva, Chester, Bruno, Sandra, and Keith. Promising to meet up with her comrades later she leaps to the rooftops to engage Bruno and Sandra. During the fight despite being outnumbered and stunned by Sandras' stun gloves Maverick is able to kill their reinforcements almost immediately after they arrive, wound Bruno, and Mortally wound Sandra causing Bruno to retreat with Sandra in his arms. Maverick is unable to see where they went and instead attacks another group of mercenaries.

Later she encounters Constances' parents and their friends and kills them in front of Constance just before Spas shows up disillusioned and terrified of the fact he has been killing twilights under the false claim they were monsters. Telling Spas to wait for a bit before she gets ready to kill Constance she is stopped by Spas who grabs her arm and tells of his fears of them being the monsters of the situation. Maverick proceeds to promise to kill the ones who told him "these lies" before being attacked by Bruno locks her in a hold. Recognizing her foe Maverick taunts Bruno asking if Sandra died properly to which he responds by threatening her own friends with a similar fate before pushing her to unbalance her and rushing Spas who is still in a state of shock. Bruno however is restrained when he is injured by Minimi who arrives in the nick of time. While Bruno is weak and distracted by a vulnerable Constance Maverick decapitates Bruno and questions Spas on why he hesitated saying that they are to hate and destroy all twilights before having torch the area. She again prepares to decapitate Constance but is stopped by Spas when he uses his wires to stop her sword to the shock of everyone saying that they look like monsters, she then responds with her thoughts that she could trust him to fight beside her and that it's a shame that he isn't needed anymore. Before she could strike down Spas, she loses her dominant attacking arm to his wires, despite this she still continued to attack screaming at him not to lump her in with the "Twilight Monsters", Spas despretly tries to get her stop, chopping off her right foot, with this she finally begins to apologize,But not to Spas, But to"Abel" with her saying to "Him" not to worry because she will continue to kill Twilights and show "Him" their mangled bodies, this finally causes Spas to kill her by cutting a portion of her head clean off, with her final moments remembering her happy days with Abel and saying his name before dying.


She appears with a bloody face in Marco's recollections when he's preparing himself to face Striker and the others to save Connie, saying that they are right. [1]


She is an extremely powerful Hunter, capable of combating and taking down two relatively powerful A-rank Twilights by herself, she was capable of enduring a lengthy long battle fighting and killing several high level twilights in consecutive fights, barely being injured while doing so, being fast enough to easily dodge multiple attacks by them and strong enough to overpower and hold an advantage over a large group of Twilights, Despite fighting on her own and being outnumbered 10 to one for the first half of the Destroyer Invasion.


Maverick wields a straight-edged sword that splits near the handle to the point,being extremely proficient in its usage.


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