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Paulklee Guild
Paulklee Guild
Other Names
Paulklee Colony
Adolf Paulklee
Base of Operations
0 Street

The Paulklee Guild is one of the four big mafia families in the city of Ergastulum. The Guild occupies the "0 Street" area at Ergastulum's southern tip, directly adjacent to South Gate. It appears to be populated entirely by military-organized Twilights.


The Paulklee Guild was created in 1934 by Adolph Paulklee, the only known S/0 rank Twilight.[1] By gathering Twilights into a formal guild and making them hireable by contract, he made the abuses of those who enslaved Twilights slightly less common. 


The Paulklee Guild supplies Tagged mercenaries to a wide variety of clients, including the three major families.[2] The head of the Paulklee Guild also joins the meetings between the Corsica, Monroe, and Cristiano families and holds equal status with those family leaders.

Known MembersEdit


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