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Third destroyer

Третий Эсминец, known in English as the Destroyers, are an independent group currently working with Uranos Corsica of the Corsica Family.[1][2] The current Destroyers are the group's third incarnation.[2] The Destroyers all wear dark-coloured stylised jackets that have circular rings in their collar.


It is known that there was a Second Destroyers that were around fifteen years before the story started.[3] Marco Adriano, Beretta and Striker were part of this group. It is believed that there was also a First Destroyers group prior to that. In GANGSTA:CURSED. the Second Destroyers are seen taking orders from an unidentified man, speculated to be a previous Destroyer, showing that the Destroyers aren't just a group of hunters killing for fun but being tasked to do so.


The Destroyers are made up of Hunters and seemingly function for the purpose of slaying as many Twilights as possible.The group seem to be aligned with the Corsica Family one of the most influential Mafia Families in Ergastulum with strong Anti Twilight sentiments. The Group has had three incarnation to date, The Second was noted to have carried out an Invasion against Ergastulum fifteen years prior to the current story and the Third having launched another fifteen years later.

Current Members

Notes & Trivia

  • The word "Эсминец" is shortened from "ЭСкадренный МИНоносЕЦ" (ESkadrenniy MINonosETS) refers to a class of Russian battle ships and its direct translation into English means "Fleet Destroyer" in the singular sense.
  • Full name Третий Эсминец can be translated as Third Destroyer.
  • All current and former Destroyers are named after firearms or firearm companies:


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